Thursday, April 23, 2015

The news is bad− but wait!

The news is bad− but wait!
For my blog post today, I am sharing a Facebook post written by my friend, June Evans, (with her permission).  June, a minister and conference speaker, has a weekly Facebook post she calls, “Written Wisdom from Mama June.”  Her posts are always insightful and spiritually uplifting.  And yes, full of godly wisdom. Learn more about June at the end of this post.

When I read her post last week, I thought, “This is something I need to hear and that everyone should read and take to heart.”

It seems that lately, every time I turn around, I hear bad or sad news about someone close to me or someone close to my loved ones. Do you feel the same way? 

Friends and family members have been diagnosed with terrible illnesses.  Some have even died.  Someone’s baby is fighting for her life.  My grandson had to have 3 pins put into his pinky finger− (How is it even big enough to hold 3 pins?).  My friend’s granddaughter was seriously injured in a car crash.  This is but a hand full from the long list of misfortunes happening in and around my own little world.  And it doesn’t mention the awful news we hear on the News each day!  I have a feeling, I’m not the only one bombarded with news we’d rather not hear.  

So let’s take a moment to read June’s words of instructive biblical wisdom.  And let’s allow God’s truths to encourage, comfort, and strengthen us all.  Take it away, June:                

Written wisdom from Mama June: When things are not going your way, and all reports are bad you must handle yourself with wisdom. You can "shoot yourself in the foot" and abort God's work. You, not God, are the key to a good outcome.

How to handle yourself in bad times:

1) Stay focused on what God has told you. Do not let the bad be your focus.

2) Give God the last word. A bad report today is not the last word.

3) Believe that there is more going for you than against you. The power of God works for you. What is greater than that?

4) Control bad, negative emotions. It is better to laugh than to cry, to praise than to complain.

5) Know that things are going your way even if it does not seem they are. The work of God is not always evident.

 6) God is not the least bit worried or stressed about your situations. If He is not, why are you?

 Rather than be bothered, stressed, or sleepless why not just relax and start expecting your miracle? Expecting a miracle is a very good way to handle your problems. And you will enjoy life a lot more.
June Evans is described as a “uniquely anointed as a Bible Teacher.”  She and husband, Gene, have ministered together across the globe preaching and teaching the good news of Jesus Christ, through their ministry called “Meet the Believers.” Though retired from many years of pastoring a church, they continue as effective workers in God’s Kingdom.  Also, June is the Pastoral Advisor to Women of the Word, a non-denominational, non-profit organization focused on teaching women biblical principles and their application in daily life.
June’s Facebook page address is:
Thank you, June, for allowing me to share your FB post on my blog today.


  1. Connie, thanks for sharing this. I needed to hear these words today.

    1. You're very welcome, David. Guess I'm really not the only one who needed it. I appreciate your comment.