Friday, August 7, 2015

Please agree with me in prayer.

Please agree with me in prayer. 

Today I returned home from a short beach trip. I love the ocean−especially early morning walks. My strolls this week included an added element not usually present. Each morning, while looking out across the vast body of water, I whispered prayers for Austin and Perry, the lost Florida teens. 

 On one of those days the sea was especially rough. I stood for a long time watching the tumultuous waters off the South Carolina coast. While the wet sand cooled my feet and the wind tangled my hair, thoughts of the two boys burned my heart.
Again I prayed: "Oh, God, they need you!"

I recalled the adventurous natures of my own two sons when they were teenagers. And my mind's eye could see my 13 & 14 year old grandsons.
My heart cried again: "Oh God, please help those boys."
Thinking of my own sons and grandsons, I suppose is why I'm so burdened for Austin, Perry, and their families. I cannot imagine the trauma they're going through. The first time I saw their photos on TV news my heart sunk.
Today, even now, will you agree with me in prayer for these two boys?

Let's pray: 

"Oh Lord, we come to You, asking for a miracle for Austin and Perry. Many say that all hope is lost. But You're the God of all hope.
Father, you see and know all things. You know where they are and their situations. We ask that you intervene−that you dispatch angels onto the scene for each of them. 
Father, we dare to ask that you deliver them safely to their families. Please minister right now to them and their families in all their needs. Holy Spirit, we pray You comfort them and their families as only You can do.
Lord, we know Your arm is not too short and your love is limitless. Thank you, Mighty God, for hearing our prayers.
In the wondrous name of Jesus of Nazareth, we pray- Amen."

© Connie Wohlford



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