Thursday, June 4, 2015

Special Announcement

For my blog post today, I’m making a special announcement. [We’ll resume “My plan for you – Your heart’s desire” next time.]  


He Is The ONE

This completes my trilogy, telling about the three things the Bible tells us that happened to Jesus as an infant. Most people know the story of His birth, but many folks don’t know the other two. I wanted my grandchildren to know these other stories and felt that others might want the same for the children in their lives.

Book Description:   Keeping with tradition and the instructions of God, at the age of 40 days little Jesus is taken, by His parents, to the Temple to be dedicated to Yahweh. It’s there an amazing thing happens. The elderly man, Simeon, and the widow, Anna, recognize the infant, in Mary’s arms, as their long awaited Messiah− the Promised One of Israel!   

In He Is The ONE the reader can share the surprise and wonder with Joseph, Mary, and bystanders when strangers recognize Jesus as the Messiah.  What would you have thought if you’d been there to witness this event, as recorded in Gospel of Luke? 

Their faithful donkey, Gil (whose name means Hope), accompanies the Holy Family to Jerusalem.  While Gil waits outside the temple, her thoughts turn to her own little one, Elpis (pronounced el-peese’ which means Joy), who is back in Nazareth.  On this eventful day, Elpis’ jolly fun with her buddy, Buzi, turns into a painful tumble.  Join in to see how the little donkey deals with her ordeal with her Mama so far away.    

Though a stand-alone book, He Is The ONE is the third book in the series about little Jesus and the donkeys, following Joy Comes to Bethlehem (1) and His Name is Jesus (2).

So join in with these wonderful characters of the Bible and continue learning about the young life of Jesus.  Young and old alike take pleasure in gaining insight into these very early days of the King of kings, so artfully captured in the story and carried along through charming illustrations by artist, Molly Keller. 

The cost is $10.50 per book + sales tax (if you’re in Virginia) + $3.00 shipping. Free shipping on 4 or more books anywhere in the lower 48 U.S. states. You may contact me through email or Facebook message if you want to order or have questions.

Here’s a peek at some of the beautiful illustrations done by artist, Molly Keller, for He Is The ONE. Each is an original watercolor done especially for this book.


My other children’s books include:

Joy Comes to Bethlehem  > $16.00 ~Meet Gil, the donkey whose name, in Hebrew, means "Joy" & her foal named Elpis (pronounced el-peese’), which means "Hope", in Greek. Joy Comes to Bethlehem takes the reader along on the journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem with Joseph, Mary and Gil.  Experience the sad goodbye of Gil & Elpis as well as the danger and the drama along the way.  See the faithfulness of God and the amazing birth of His Son, Jesus. Again read the wonderful story of the birth of The Savior. Enjoy the setting & the perspective of these adorable & faithful beasts of burden. Join with these characters in the joy and hope that is found in God the Father & Jesus the Son. Though this is a children's book, the story & the extraordinary art will be enjoyed by young & old alike.

His Name is Jesus  > $10.50  At the young age of eight days, Jewish boys experience the custom called “Bris Milah”, at which time their names are officially recorded in the Hebrew records.  In “His Name is Jesus”, travel with Joseph and Mary as they take Jesus to the home of a rabbi for His own ceremony. While walking along the dusty road, Mary & Joseph each recall the most unusual way in which they came to name their baby son. Their faithful donkey, Gil, is of course with them as well. In fact Gil alerts them to an alarming danger as they visit in the Rabbi Jonathan’s courtyard. Meanwhile, back in Nazareth, the young donkey, Elpis, is still missing her mama, Gil, who is traveling on an amazing adventure with Joseph and Mary. But Elpis continues to be comforted in a very special way. Enjoy this event artfully captured in story & illustrations.
 You’re A What?!  >$10.50 Every once in a while, a story and/or character comes along that is different-- really different from anything else you will find on the shelf of children’s books. Gerald, the star character in You’re A What?!  is just that--- really different.  He is a captivating creature who has been dealt a ruthless blow. He experienced a collision with life that changes everything. He suddenly finds that he has become a “rhinokaroarus” (pronounced “ry-‘nock-a-roar-us”.  “A What?!@#?!”, you might ask.  Well, that’s a new word we can all add to our vocabularies.  The author, herself, did not invent the word, “rhinokaroarus”.  It was made up by her father, who would use that exact word to name any animal or bird when he could not immediately recall its title or he would use it just for fun. See more about this in the author bio and dedication. Thankfully our dear Gerald does not have to face his dilemma alone.  He is befriended by a funny badger named, Banjo, who every reader or listener will come to adore. So come along with these unique characters and experience this most unusual adventure. If you or someone you know, young or grown-up, has ever experienced a collision with life that has “changed everything” in a negative way, this little book might even be good for them-- “therapeutic”, one might say. No matter the reason you read You’re A What?!, enjoy the story, the characters and the delightful art that helps to carry it along. 

Make It A Happy Day  > $10.50 ~Here we have another rhinokaroarus story (pronounced “ry-‘nock-a-roar-us”). That, one of a kind, creature, Gerald, sets out on an adventure with his new friend Banjo, the badger. We learned in You’re A What?! how the rhinokaroarus came to be. Now in Make It A Happy Day, we see that Gerald is adapting to the life-altering crash that he experienced. With his buddy, Banjo, at his side, & through a bit of conflict, they really do find a way to make it a happy day. Just ask the fish! The 6 friendly fish get to experience the good & the bad when they encounter the very odd looking Gerald and the clash with Banjo. So come along with these unique characters &experience a most unusual adventure. As Gerald continues to face his dilemma with his pal, Banjo, you will come to know the adorable pair. Life has its ups and downs for us & the creatures in this story face trials of their own. Plus artist Ken Henderson’s captivating illustrations help to carry the story along.     

I’m delighted to sign & personalize books for you or someone special in your life.
And here’s the rest of the scoop:
5.3% Sales Tax is added for Virginia residents.  $3.00 for shipping 1 – 4 books.  Free shipping on 5 or more books anywhere in the lower 48 U.S. states
Payment can be made with Cash, Check, or Credit Card.
We could even do a transaction through E-bay if you’d like.



  1. Connie. . .we are so blessed that you share your heart for God with our little ones.

    1. Thank you, Carol. That is certainly a passion of mine. I want them to grow in their love for Jesus and God as well as love for God's Word. Learning these things about little Jesus that are not normally taught in Sunday School will hopefully draw children and adults into digging more into their Bibles to find other nuggets they may have overlooked.
      I appreciate your comment.

  2. Connie you're awesome and a blessing to the kingdom. My children love your books. :)

    1. Cyle, I'm overwhelmed by your comment! Thank you so much! I am so blessed to know that your children are enjoying my books. Hey--- please help spread the word. :)
      Young man, you also are a blessing to the Kingdom!
      May God richly bless you and your sweet family.