Wednesday, January 4, 2017

What To Do With Those Christmas Cards

What To Do With Those Christmas Cards—
   Maybe the Best Idea Yet...

What To Do
(With Those Christmas Cards.)
They’re beautiful, meaningful, delightful and cute.
Precious, entertaining, an emotion pursuit.

They sparkle with glitter and colors galore.
New Year’s Day nudges in—do you trash them or store?

Those Christmas cards, on display for the season,
Have now become clutter—can you think of a reason

To keep them or hoard them or stash them away?
“Oh—how shall I handle this dilemma?” I say.

All the pictures of children and couples and pets
Seems a shame to just dump them and feel no regrets.

And the Babe in the manger—how holy is He!
See those sweet little lambs and the wise men—all three.

The shepherds with angels announcing His birth,
So many greetings are surely of worth.

Now I have an idea and I’ll share it with you.
It will bless every sender as well as you too.

Each day before dawn when you meet with the Lord,
Pull a card, ask God’s blessings that person toward.

Be amazed then and see how the Lord helps you pray,
For He knows what that person will go through that day.

By Connie Wohlford   --   January 3, 2017

Okay, so I don’t claim to be a great poet and actually had no plan to write a poem for this post, but well, it just happened. More importantly though, did you get the message from the little rhyme?

To preserve, enjoy and make use of your Christmas cards in a meaningful way, consider the above suggestion.

Put your 2016 Christmas cards in a box, basket, or napkin holder. Each day, pull out the one in front (or on top) and pray for the person or family who sent that card. Most of us probably didn’t get 365 cards so when you’ve gone through all the cards, just start again at the beginning. You might want to add in other cards you receive during the year, as I do. These might be birthday cards and even thank you notes. 

Many times I have found that the very person I pray for on a given day has a specific need at that specific time. Sometimes before the day is over I learn of that need if it’s not something I’m already aware of. Every time this happens, I’m amazed again of God’s omniscience and love for each of us. Sometimes I’ve even called the person to tell them theirs was the card I pulled out that morning. They too are then reminded of the awesomeness of our God. 

Several years ago a friend gave me this idea and even made a holder for my cards. I love praying for my loved ones, adding this method to my regular prayer routine, and it only takes a few extra seconds each day. It’s a prayer connection I would otherwise not likely have with these individuals.  

We don’t send out a huge number of cards but if any of the recipients are doing this same thing with their Christmas cards I’m grateful for their prayers.

What do you do with your Christmas cards at the end of the holiday season? I and others who read this will enjoy learning your ideas.

God bless you and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

©Connie Wohlford 2017


  1. This is a great idea! I always make a collage on my refrigerator from the Christmas card pictures I receive, but what a good idea to pause before the fridge, maybe while I get myself a drink of water, and pray for the faces I see!

    Heather Bock

    1. I'm so glad you like the idea, Heather. Your card senders will surely be blessed!

  2. Replies
    1. So glad you like the idea, Cherrilynn. AND you're so welcome. Thanks for responding.

  3. I love this idea, Connie! I was just trying to decide what to do with them, and your post was so timely. And you're quite the poet! Thanks for sharing this with us. I want to implement it into my quiet times this year.

    1. I'm so excited to hear this from you, Crickett!
      That will be a great blessing to you and your card senders. I'd love to hear back when the Holy Spirit blows you away when you offer up a timely prayer for someone, not knowing beforehand that they needed your prayer that day. Thanks for responding.

  4. I love this idea! I have a box that I save all the picture cards in. It's getting quite full :) I'm going to pull them out and pray for them. Thanks! And by the way, your poem made me smile :)

    1. It's near impossible to toss out those picture cards. I'm so glad you like this idea and I'm smiling thinking about you smiling about my poem. Thanks for reading my post.

  5. What a great poem and a great post. I was trying to remember where the idea originally came from...I know we were doing this as a family (kept the card holder on the table and prayed for each card at our dinner prayer)when Wes was in high school, because his girlfriend's mom made sure she sent us a Christmas card so that it would be included in our prayer. I am going to give credit to the Holy Spirit for the idea AND your post. I read this quote yesterday by Beverly Seasby "Within the seed is the entire plant. You planted the seed." Thank you Connie, for the effort you put into writing and encouraging others to know and love the Lord. I praise God for the seeds you are planting!

    1. Betty, THANK YOU! I love the Christmas Card Prayer idea (obviously) and appreciate you giving it, and the holder, to me. You are such a blessing and an encouragement in so many ways. God bless you, sweet friend---BFF!

  6. I love this idea! It's special that your friend made you a holder for the cards as well. Thank you for passing this along. And I liked your poem. :)

    1. Thanks, Katy. Glad you like it. Yes, the holder is a great gift idea for someone with the skill to do it. That friend commented above you in case you didn't notice.